January 18, 2022
Fair beans

Tony’s (Un)FAIR Countdown Calendar

Hey there Choco Fan,

Usually, there’s a chocolate behind each door, right? Well, not quite. But it’s for a very good reason..\n\nAt Tony’s Chocolonely, our chocolate bars are unequally divided because the chocolate industry is unequally divided.\n\nBig chocolate companies make big profits, while cocoa farmers aren’t paid enough for their cocoa. The result? Many of them still live way below the poverty line. Sometimes this leaves them little choice but to use illegal labour to farm their cocoa. Right now, there are 1.56 million children working illegally and at least 30,000 instances of modern slavery on cocoa farms in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. Child labour and modern slavory just so some folks can enjoy a sweet chocolate treat? Unacceptable!

Tony’s Chocolonely exists to change this. But we can’t do it alone. Choose change in the chocolate industry by sharing our chocolate and sharing our story this festive season.


Your Tiny Tony’s elves

PS. You’ll still get 25 chocolates in 24 doors. There’s still an extra goodie waiting for you closer to Christmas.

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